You Shouldn’t Skip the Home Inspection

So you’ve found your dream home, and you’re ready to sign on the dotted line, right? Not so fast! Before you take the plunge and commit to buying a property, there’s one important step that shouldn’t be overlooked.  Getting a home inspection. While it seems like an unnecessary expense, there are plenty of good reasons why you shouldn’t skip the home inspection. Let’s break down why this step is so important.

The Benefits of Home Inspections

Home inspections provide peace of mind by helping you understand exactly what condition the property is in. A qualified inspector will provide a comprehensive report (see our sample HERE) on the overall condition of the home and its features. You shouldn’t skip the home inspection!
Inspectors look for both visible and hidden issues that may have gone unnoticed during the “walk through” phase. These include things like roof damage and water leaks—which can be costly fixes—as well as potential safety hazards such as gas or carbon monoxide leaks. By having an inspector address these issues ahead of time, you won’t end up with any nasty surprises down the road.
Plus, in negotiations, having an inspection report can give you significant leverage when it comes to asking for repairs/price reductions from sellers. An experienced inspector knows exactly what they’re looking for and can identify costly repairs that might have slipped under your radar.

You Shouldn’t Skip the Home Inspection

Investing in a professional home inspection is a wise decision that could save you thousands or even tens of thousands! Don’t let yourself be fooled into skipping this step, it can end up costing more when unanticipated repairs arise.  Whether you want to buy your first home or looking to add another property to your real estate portfolio.  Don’t forget about the importance of getting a home inspection done first!
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You shouldn’t skip the home inspection!

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